Kare San Sui Works

These works were produced to support contemplation/meditation, in the manner of (i) the Kare San Sui rakings observed in Japanese monasteries, (ii) the Megalithic carvings found throughout Europe, (iii) the Aboriginal drawings produced in Australia, or (iv) wind furrows across beaches. They start with a statement about the creative process - how one artist or another brings something out of nothing (i.e., Amos Oz in “The Story Begins”). This statement, or set of statements, was then used for graffiti across a surface that in many cases was primed with orange-red, and then covered with Payne gray, dripping over the orange-red. This graffiti then serves as the template for recurrent lines resembling a labyrinth, waves produced by wind and tide, or raking of gravel in a garden; all of these serve to guide awareness of controlled breathing, or to act like a mantra stated over and over with lines mirroring lines. The lines represent Kare San Sui rakings when the piece contains openings in the symbolic plain, and Megalithic carvings/drawings where there are none.