Early Paintings (work without words, 1985-1988)

Toward the end of my active engagement in graffiti (which was around 1985; for an example of my tag, see the section on Multimedia & Tar Pieces, bulletin board), I started painting nudes. These genetic representational works incorporated graphite and paint with a limited range of hues, focusing on human form during moments of quiet contemplation. The use of color was purposeful, either as a device (1) to draw the focus of attention (e.g., see nude) or (2) to set up a push-pull effect through color (e.g., see push-pull with figure). The later point relates to the use of opposite (or near-opposite) colors in or around a body that is mostly without hue, but has a full range of tone. Hofmann has stated “only from the varied counter play of push and pull, and from its varied intensities, will plastic creation result”. This work sought to apply push-pull techniques from abstraction to genetic representation.