Written Word Flows (1991-2003, 2007-2010)


sexus deceased

1991 · 34x34 · acrylic, charcoal, oil on canvas

“a memory of the physical scene…/I can’t remember the face/Just the hair color/I remember where the knife was placed/(pointing to her ribs)/he left it when he left;/I keep having a lot of nightmares/….really tearing up the bag…/…..I can’t go back/I was a particular person/now I’m another….”

(anonymous, from psychotherapy)


posthumous life

1991 · 36x36 · acrylic, oil, spray paint on canvas

“anyhow/I have to sit with the stress/like a usual human being…./I wish I had died with that O.D./now the rules have changes…/I can’t off myself so quickly.”

(anonymous, from psychotherapy)


Rrose Salavy Speaks

1991 · 36x42 · alkyd on canvas

“…you’re out of control on the ultimate of fear & pain, it’s like you fall off…

(anonymous, from psychotherapy)


untitled notes #1

1991 · 70x70 & 70x68 · acrylic, oil, canvas

“he slaps me and rips/(choking)/I know what you want...asshole…/how could I trust him?/afterwards he apologizes/I’m mumbling…”/“he zips up/‘you’re too dependent on me…’”

(anonymous, from psychotherapy)


Trawler net with strangled fish

1991 · 34x34 · acrylic, oil on canvas

“she died in an empty house/sitting in a chair,/I knew her disease…/each day I’d change her sheets, wipe/her mouth, and go home,/I didn’t want to hurt her,/ So there were many things/I didn’t do…/(pause)”

(anonymous, from psychotherapy)


French text

1999 · 24x24 · acrylic, oil, charcoal on canvas

“Tous ceux qv’il veut aiver l’observent avec cvainte”


early psychotherapy

1997 · 72x86 · acrylic, oil, charcoal, canvas

(text taken from fragments of multiple psychotherapy sessions when patient was yelling)


pause in monologue

1990 · 70x42 · acrylic, oil, tar, dirt, emulsion, canvas


(anonymous, from psychotherapy)


a bath toy named Artemisia

1991 · 36x36 · acrylic, charcoal, emulsion, oil on canvas

“I let them explore each other in the bath/they spit water on each others genitalia/(pause)/…it excites me…/…I’m sure she’s not/sexually excitable…”

(anonymous, from psychotherapy)


Spring growth of grief

1991 · 36x36 · acrylic, charcoal, emulsion, oil on printed linen

“I cried over missing Betty…/over how much I loved her./She feels very close yet part of me/is gone./I’m furious at myself/I used to do it all/(trembling)/but no more”

(anonymous, from psychotherapy)


untitled notes #2

1991 · 35x35 · acrylic, charcoal, emulsion, oil on canvas

“(who have you been hiding from?)/my father…./(pause)/and others…./(like whom?)/like me…./(are you mad at yourself for surviving?)

(anonymous, from psychotherapy)


untitled notes #3

1990 · 61x51.5 · acrylic, oil, charcoal, dirt, emulsion on canvas

“(staring)/(long pause, just staring)/silence makes me very tense/(what emerges from it?)/pressure, fear,/I’m coming apart,/then there’s silence…”

(anonymous, from psychotherapy)