Text Flows (1993-2003)

These pieces incorporated at least two of the following elements:

(i) light/dark or color-based backgrounds based on the lighting of the model used for painting,

(ii) strings of words in print format flowing above and below the picture plane,

(iii) symbols of effort, cultural games, or direction in a narrative (such as arrows between blocks of words).

Together, these elements used text as a fundamental construct for space. On these canvases and photo collages, one observed a twisting and turning matrix of words. The word matrices mainly refer the partial narrative of one psychotherapy session, and to a well-known phrase from the Bible. The resulting matrices, or vocabulary of marks, resembled words flying about a room, like World War 1 biplanes in a dogfight conveying the emotion of the moment, and were configured to act as the furniture in the scene, or the latticework supporting all human action. The use of these two word templates was reworked across multiple pieces to emphasize a fundamental quandary all humans must confront.